Debt Collection and High Court Enforcement

Proserve deal with all kinds of debt, from trade debt to parking fines to rent arrears.

Unlike most of our competitors we do not charge any up-front fees for registration with our company. We simply charge 20% of monies recovered as a result of our action.

We employ 12 fulltime bailiffs who are strategically placed throughout England and Wales. The bailiffs visit the debtor, assess the debtors situation and decides  the best method of collection – a payment plan, the seizure of goods to sell or both.

If the debtor agrees a payment plan with the bailiff we use a bespoke system to monitor installments and to ensure agreements are adhered to. All monies are held in a secure client account and paid monthly with a full breakdown.

Where a debtor has absconded, we use state of the art software to locate them – with considerable success. This method of locating debtors along with the hard work of our Bailiffs has led to Proserve earning the highest recovery rate of Penalty Charge Notices (parking fines) in England and Wales.

Trade Debt Recovery Rates

 For those who refuse to pay, our legal department will draft all required court documentation. We can offer High Court Enforcement under the authority of our Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer, Simon Williamson.