Commercial Debt Recovery

Did you know that commercial landlords have the right to levy distress for rent under Common Law? This means that you can instruct our team of professional and highly experienced Certified Bailiffs, who operate throughout England and Wales, to seize goods on the debtor’s premises and remove them for sale to recover the cost of the rent arrears. Distress can be used as soon as the rent is in arrears.

Our FREE service is available to commercial landlords and managing agents for the collection of commercial rent arrears whilst preserving the landlord and tenant relationship in thse difficult times.

  • Professional, dedicated and experienced Certified bailiff
  • Response within 24 hours
  • Secure and immediate remittence of arrears recovered if required
  • Enforcement against absconded tenants by locating them with our Tracing Agents
  • Fully bi-lingual bailiffs within the Principality